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A Journal of Progress Following Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis and Meniscus Problems

This is an email journal of K.H., 68 Y/O

Initial Intake: 12/17/13

Karen is a very pleasant 68-year-old female who is here today accompanied by her husband, Bill, for evaluation of her chronic right knee pain.
She reports that she has had “flareups” in the past year. Each flareup last about 7 days and includes significant increase in pain and swelling and give way. She uses a walker during these episodes. She reports that she has had episodes of buckling and falling to the ground due to the pain.

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Regenexx Rotator Cuff Procedure Featured on The Doctors TV Show July 15th!

The July 15th 2014 episode of The Doctor’s features a former two time Olympic pairs figure skater medalist, Lloyd Eisler who has had a failed rotator cuff surgery. Lloyd injured his shoulders while spending a lifetime lifting his skating partners and had a surgery several years ago. Now a father and active Hockey player, he reinjured his rotator cuff and was told he needed another surgery. His wife (the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress-Kristy Swanson) knew an actor colleague who used the Regenexx procedure to successfully treat his rotator cuff, so Lloyd chose a non-surgical route this time.

The show features Dr. Chris Centeno, the developer of the Regenexx procedures as well as Dr. Blecher, the Regenexx network physician who treated this patient near their home in Los Angeles. Dr. Centeno explains how the procedure works in the studio with Dr. Travis and then the piece cuts to the procedure with Dr. Blecher. The piece ends with a discussion of the procedure with Dr. Centeno and Lloyd and a plea from his actress wife to avoid yet another shoulder injury!

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Knee Stem Cell Therapy Helps a Regenexx Patient Return to Activity

The doctor and the staff were responsive to any questions and treatment was handled in a very professional way. They never seemed to be hurried and listened with concern. Before treatment, I was unable to walk without pain. I did not have full range of motion.

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