What Can I Say About This Disappointed Patient?

This morning I received a call from a patient who had been referred to us by a happy patient. She had problems with both her knees and her left hip. […]

A Journal of Progress Following Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis and Meniscus Problems

This is an email journal of K.H., 68 Y/O

Initial Intake: 12/17/13

Karen is a very pleasant 68-year-old female who is here today accompanied by her husband, Bill, for evaluation of her chronic right knee pain.
She reports that she has had “flareups” in the past year. Each flareup last about 7 days and includes significant increase in pain and swelling and give way. She uses a walker during these episodes. She reports that she has had episodes of buckling and falling to the ground due to the pain.


Regenexx Rotator Cuff Procedure Featured on The Doctors TV Show July 15th!

The July 15th 2014 episode of The Doctor’s features a former two time Olympic pairs figure skater medalist, Lloyd Eisler who has had a failed […]

Knee Stem Cell Therapy Helps a Regenexx Patient Return to Activity

The doctor and the staff were responsive to any questions and treatment was handled in a very professional way. They never seemed to be hurried and listened with concern. Before treatment, I was unable to walk without pain. I did not have full range of motion.


Patient Finds Relief with Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

We recently received this testimonial from a patient who was treated using Regenexx  stem cell therapy for arthritis.

The osteoarthritis in my knees was severe, which x-rays confirmed. My primary care […]

Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure Alleviates Patient’s Pain From Knee Osteoarthritis

Initially both my left and right knees were in very serious pain. When I went to Scripps Hospital they removed 60cc’s of fluid from my right knee and 40cc’s from […]

Another California Patient Chooses Stem Cells and Successfully Avoids Knee Replacement Surgery

In Mid-January of this year, Dr. Paul Handleman of our Mill Valley, California office helped another patient avoid knee replacement using their own stem cells to treat […]

My Stem Cell Treatment Journey – Dr. Norman Deitch

After undergoing stem cell and platelet treatments for knee, hip and spine, Dr. Norman Deitch journals his experience

I decided to undergo the new Regenexx procedures for my spine, both of […]

Stem Cell Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment

These MRIs show our 49 year old patient’s 4X5 cm rotator cuff tear. The pre-image shows swelling and what appears to be a large gap (red arrow) in the supraspinatus […]

Stem Cells Help Patient with Osteoarthritis & Cartilage Loss

Several months ago “CC” was referred to us from Regenexx Colorado for treatment. He decided to choose our center rather than go to the expense and time of traveling to […]

Stem Cell Injection Helps An Arthritis Patient Avoid Knee Replacement

Jim is happy he chose stem cells over knee replacement for his arthritis

JB, a 59 year old man, came to our center with left knee pain and […]

Stem Cells Help A California Doctor’s Severe Hip Arthritis

Stem Cells for Hip Arthritis CaliforniaNo higher complement than having a colleague physician as a patient

Dr. MB, a 57 […]

Non-Surgical Treatments for Arthritic Knee Pain and Pain Management

Our non-surgical pain management and chiropractic care center in the San Diego area has been at the forefront of non-invasive knee treatments for years. We pride ourselves on offering our […]